Gators Love Marshmallows!

TheRose and I decided to spend a full day in New Orleans. While super hot and humid, it’s  the most beauiful place we’ve seen in a while — there’s only so much desert one can admire. (Ohhh look! More mountains! … )

Today we ate lunch at the semi-famous ACME Oyster House in the French Quarter.  While neither one of us got the Oysters, we did very much enjoy our food.  TheRose got E-Two-Fey (or however it’s spelled) and I got a good ol’ fashion shrimp poboy.  And man – it was actually good!   Good bread, fresh shrimp, and just the right amount of lettuce, tomato, and mayo to make it work.

After, we drove out to the Bayou for a Cajun swamp tour, which ended up being fantastic.  We managed to get the best tour guide in the group: a grossly overweight 60 year old man of true Cajun blood.  Effortlessly he drove our little boat around the Bayou looking for wildlife…and especially alligators… all while telling entertaining stories like an old grampa.

We ran into about 10 different gators on the 2 hour trip, all of different sizes and personalities. The biggest one was about 10 feet. And the smallest? Well, he surprised us with a baby gator that he was keeping in a cooler right by April’s feet.  He just reached down and pulled out a 2 foot long baby and began to pass it around the boat, allowing people to take pictures with it.  SWEET.  Unfortunately, I was using my “big camera” for this trip, and so we don’t have any photos on our phones to post.  But needless to say, I think I have a few 2013 Calendar candidates…

When we encountered a larger gator, our guide threw it marshmallows.  They float, can be seen clearly over the dark green water, and for whatever reason, the gators love em’!  They also love hot dogs.  Our guide would put one on a stick and then get the gators to jump out of the water to grab it — right beside the boat!  Scary cool….and great picture material!

Interesting tid-bit:  you can now hunt Alligators in controlled quantities… AND you can eat them.  The place we’re going to tonight has Alligator on the menu and we’re itching to try it (per the recommendation of our guide).

Anyway – highly recommend this tour. It was only 25 bucks a person … 35 with tip. And we learned quite a lot about the bayou, gators, and… our guide.

For the google web crawler…   GO CAJUN SWAMP TOURS!


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  1. April….you get prettier, and seem happier as you go from place to place!
    You also write beautifully.
    Sounds like you both are having a kick-ass time!

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