Lady Liberty was HOT

While trekking north up the coast in our little versa we were trying to decide whether to Bee-line it home to Massachusetts, or to make use of the last full day of our cross country adventure.  Should we stop in Philadelphia for a cheese steak and to take our picture on the “Rocky Steps”? While Capecci would be proud, no, too hot and not enough to see.  How about Atlantic City? It’s by the ocean, we’ve never been, and it’s where Boardwalk Empire takes place!  Naw — too casino-like.  (Casinos are no fun unless you’re prepared to spend money, which we were not).

And then there was New York City.  On one hand, it’s close enough to do a day trip or spend a weekend there from Boston.  But on the other hand, it’s New York! The splendor! The excitement! And when you talk about the “last” of anything, TheRose and I are always inspired to make it meaningful — to go out with a bang.  And so on this sunny Friday afternoon we decided to visit the Statue of Liberty.

After a few wrong turns resulting in very “scenic” tours through the great state of New Jersey, we arrived at the Jersey-side Liberty Island ferry. We paid 7 bucks to park, and a whopping 19.00 a person to get on the boat (much more than the website indicated).

The trip to the island provided a nice break from the blistering summer heat; the river breezes were quite warm, but still much cooler than the still humid air.

But when we got off the boat, the heat returned, making it pretty difficult to enjoy the splendor of Lady Liberty. TheRose and I hopped from shady spot to shady spot, avoiding the Sun at all costs.  This indirect island navigation made it difficult to follow the audio tour, but was a fair trade off for preventing sunburn and dehydration.

After we had our fill of pictures and tour audio, we made our way back to the boat, and eventually back to the car (the trip back is always MUCH longer than the trip there).

We were hungry, and when Google told us that it was only 30 minutes “with traffic” to the lower east side of Manhattan for some pizza, we instantly hit the road!

Maybe on any other normal day it would have been 30 minutes. But after an hour or so of waiting on a ramp to enter the Holland Tunnel, we decided to bail and find another place to eat.  That place ended up being “Patsy’s” in the upper east side — Harlem.   It was pretty good, and the service was excellent!  We left feeling uber-full and ready to find a place to sleep.

The Motel 6 in New Haven CT is supposedly “newly renovated.”  But it ended up being the worst hotel of our entire trip.  It smelled like smoke, the tub didn’t drain, and the room had an overall “creepy” feeling that even I couldn’t shake.  The “darkness” of this hotel inspired one of the highly infrequently disputes between TheRose and I — that’s how bad this hotel was!

But after some discussion and half a glazed doughnut, we fought off the creep, and were happily on our way to Rhode Island to visit Major Ryan Lynch and his family at a summer cookout they were hosting.  The food, folks, and fun were plentiful, and we thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing visit!