Four Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirteen Miles!

When you ask Google how far it is from 90034 to 02562, it shows you a 3065 mile route stretching diagonally between LA and Boston.

TheRose and I traversed the alternative route over the course of 12 days — totaling 4613.13 miles!

We walked along the Grand Canyon,
river rafted in New Mexico,
ate amazing BBQ in Texas,
pet and fed gators in Louisiana,
admired the history and cuisine of the Carolinas,
toured the national monuments of DC,
said “hi” to Lady Liberty in NYC,
and spent some quality time with friends and family along the way.

We hope you enjoyed the documentation of our journey to Boston, representing not the end of our LA lives, but a course change — one of many we’ll likely need to take as we define the N E X T   G E N E R A T I O N.