NextGen Johnsons, checking in at 34,000 feet on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada. Phew – it’s been a crazy few months.  It feels like as soon as we arrived in Boston we left again!  Let me explain.

In July 2012, our first month in Boston, we had a wonderful welcoming party that took place in the form of a boat ride on the 4th of July with cousins and friends. It happened to be a special 4th (some sort of decade-year, or an alignment with another historic event – there’s always something historically special going on in Boston) and so there were boats and planes and people galore!  We spent the morning driving around the Hahbah (Harbor) watching the boats and admiring the show that the Blue Angels were putting on.  There must have been hundreds of boats, from tiny sail boats to giant yachts, and every size in-between.  There was also quite a military / navel presence there, which we found out when we got too close to a Navy destroyer that was docked in the harbor.

It was a hot day, but mostly cloudy, providing a nice layer of “shade” for everyone below. We kept cool by drinking plenty of “juice” and munching on chips and all the junk food you can think of.

After the hahbah tour, we drove through the water-lock into the Charles River where we anchored for the rest of the day right by the Hatch Shell, where the Boston Pops play their traditional 4th of July celebration concert.

… I don’t know how this turned into a recap of every moment of that day. I don’t have time for that, and who cares?!   Suffice it to say, the day was “fine.”

July turned to August.  August turned to September, where the first chill of fall hit exactly on Labor Day.  The Rose found a paralegal job in the city and I continued to work on the little app project of mine.

Normalcy was slowly forming as we continued to settle into our little Southie apartment… until one day in November we got the notice from TechStars that we were accepted into the program.  That changed everything.

From that point on, we were essentially packing our bags for San Antonio, TX.  We knew we’d be there for 3 solid months, and so the idea of doing much of anything here in Boston seemed a bit useless.  Sure, we did the holidays and purchased some warm clothes to keep the Rose from freezing in the brisk Fall / Winter air. But for the most part, our eyes were now set on Texas.

After TechStars (see previous entries about that) we immediately were accepted to another startup accelerator, but this time in Los Angeles, California.  Yup, for the next 3 months we’d be spending most of our time in our old home, which we left only months before.

To clarify, here’s the timeline:

July 4th:  Arrive in Boston

Jan 14th:   Arrive in Texas

May 1st: Arrive back in Boston

May 14th: Arrive in Los Angeles

August 14th:  Arrive back in Boston

Unlike Texas, we’re not staying in LA for the full 3 months.  Rather, we have chosen to commute 4 or 5 times throughout the 3 months, with the final trip being the longest  — basically the entire month of July.

I don’t know about the Rose, but I’m looking forward to being done with “accelerators” for a while.  Too much accelerant and not enough life-wood means the fire burns too quickly and doesn’t last.   Eh. Not the best analogy, but you get the idea.