Up the Wall

The worst part about moving out is the packing phase. It’s amazing how little things build up around the house and become headaches during the packing process. Yet, despite your best efforts to not collect clutter when you’re newly moved in, the little buggers sneak its way through and settle in.

So, once again, you mutter vows never to collect so much stuff again, like a steadfast prayer said at a time of penance. Where’s that “Easy” button, anyway?


T-minus 4 Days Till Flight of the Kono

This Saturday Kono gets to fly coach to Boston. In preparation we took the KonoButt to the vet for a health check and some Kitty Chill Out drugs.

While his health couldn’t be better, he’s still a nervous wreck in the car, and especially in the vet office (the all-animal smell alone is enough to frighten even the toughest of mammals).

Poor Kono was so scared, He peed in his carrier, which was only noticeable when we took him out to be examined. I got an especially close dose of his wet tail and feet when he climbed up to the safety of my shoulder. So cute, but so awful…. Cat urine all over my shirt and hands….

Later that day when the kitty was home and adjusted, we gave him a quarter pill of kitty-prozac as prescribed by the doc.

He may have been a little buzzed (like one-beer buzzed) but for the most part he seemed unaffected. Although, he did have a raging drive for lovin’s in the morning, followed by a fierce appetite. Side effects?

We’ll try 1/2 a pill this afternoon, with the goal to give him just a little chill to last most of the ride to Boston.