Movers leave… With our money and all of our worldly possessions

For 3000.00 + to move your stuff across country, there’s a certain level of service that you expect. And while our movers “weren’t bad” they certainly seemed like the “lowest bidder.”

On Thursday afternoon we were told that movers would arrive between 12 and 2 on Friday. At 2:10 the move truck pulled up, and by 2:45, the move actually began.

The move truck was a 16 foot Budget rent-a-truck. It’s considered a shuttle: a smaller truck that delivers the goods to the larger 18 wheeler truck that will actually make the drive across country.

A team of just 2 guys came in inventoried what they were taking, and over about 3 hours loaded up the budget truck with our stuff. The majority of the time was spent wrapping our furniture items: the desks, shelving, table, and the biggest item of all: the couch.

April and I packed about 53 boxes of stuff, and that part fit nicely in the back of the truck, leaving from for the rest of the bulky stuff.

The 16 footer (or maybe 17 footer?) was filled by the end of the 3 hours, although if we did sell all the furniture, we could have easily fit in a 12′ U-Haul.

After the truck was loaded (and very purposely not before) we sat down with Clarence, one of the movers, to go through the paperwork. There were at least 10 elaborate forms we needed to read and sign, all basically saying one thing: “If your stuff breaks, it’s not really our fault.” This limited liability made me think about all of the computers and monitors and expensive pieces we packed up. Will it make it? SURE….. it will all be fine. O.O

Finally, the truck drove away, leaving the apartment extremely empty and echo-y, just like it was when we first found it. It’s a little disconcerting to have all of your worldly possessions in the possession of someone else. Who knows if they’ll actually respect the “Fragile” writing on the boxes. You just don’t know…and you sign your life away saying you basically don’t care.

This is what 3000.00 gets you. Scary stuff!

Movers Arrive

The movers are here!

Two guys with a Budget rental truck. The moving company we signed with bragged about not subcontracting their jobs, so they refused to match lower quotes other companies gave us. Yet, somehow, here are these two guys who were subcontracted out by the company. I hope this is the only lie we’ll encounter.

The movers are nice guys: one is serious, the other one likes to chat. I do believe the hardest part of moving out is over. Now, we wait for the movers to load our boxes, wrap furniture in blankets, then watch them go. I am a little nervous about the final cost that will hit us once the actual inventory is finalized. It’s been a challenge trying to get people on Craigslist to buy our stuff, so we’ve had to deviate from the original quote. It seems there are more sellers than buyers, just like the housing market.

Well, counting down till Kono is loaded onto a plane!