Flying Mr. Kono

My co-workers thought I was crazy.
My friends looked in disbelief.
But after much research and deliberation, TheRose and I decided to ship Kono across country in an airplane.

The day finally came for Kono’s big flight. I suspect he already knew something was up, with “all of our worldly possessions” gone, the house didn’t look or smell the same. He meowed and let us know he was suspicious, but there was no way to truly prepare him for what was to come.

In an effort to ease the stress of the journey, TheRose and I got some sedatives from our trusted vet. 1/4 of a pill was the prescription, but when we experimented earlier in the week, the pills didn’t seem to have much affect. He got a little sleepy, but then again, he’s a cat and is known to take cat naps at any random time.

We decided to up the dose to 1/4 + 1/2 of 1/4 (2/8). And instead of mixing it with food, we decided we were going to use an old eye dropper to administer the drugs directly down his throat. This way, he can’t decide to leave the “odd tasting” part of the food behind, and thus get a lower dose.

When it came time to dose our poor kitty, April filled the eye dropper and I picked up Kono and held him firmly in my lap. I forced his mouth open as a vet once showed me and april forced the eye dropper down his throat. WOAH! He did NOT like that. Our athletic kitty revolted, pushing with all his might, and letting out a grooaaan that only a tokenese-siamese can make.

The problem was, we used a bit too much water to mix the pulverized pill — we had to dose him again…and again…and again to give him the full amount.

By the 4th dose it was clear that our eyedropper plan was a complete disaster. Kono was throughly upset, my thumb was bleeding from a claw scratch, and we had no idea whether he actually got the full intended dosage — the mixture was sprayed everywhere as there was no way to hold him still.

But there was no time to worry about that. It was 2:15, and I was supposed to be at LAX by 2:20 to check in with enough time for my 3:20 flight!

We scooped up our disheveled and bewildered kitty cat and placed him in his cat carrier. We threw his toys in, zipped it up, and ran out the door.

We arrived at LAX at 2:40 after a slow drive down the traffic-laden 405. I jumped out, grabbed my huge under-the-plane bag, and swung my laptop bag over one shoulder and the Kono-Bag over the other. I kissed TheRose and briskly walked to the ticket counter to check in (they don’t let you check in online if you have a pet).

The first class line was open, so I went right to the counter and tried to check in.

“Do you have any bags to check?”

“yes, one”

“Well then I’ll have to put you on the next flight.”

“what if I don’t check a bag?”

“Then you have one minute to check in.”

“Ok, no bag – check me in please.”

And with that, I had a boarding pass! I was IN!

I stuffed as much underwear as I could into my little laptop bag while I waited for April to loop around with the car to pick up my under-the-plane bag.

The security line was non-existent. But I did have to take Kono out of the carrier to go through the metal detector — there’s no way he was going through the x-ray machine!!

And while he was violently upset in the car, Kono was docile at this point, and didn’t put up any fight when I picked him up and held him tight. Maybe the meds WERE working…

I hoofed it to the terminal and was the last person to board. At last, Kono and I had made it! I got to my seat (14A) and stuffed Kono’s bag under the seat in front of me. And that’s where he is right now, as quiet as a mouse, sleeping / dozing / or being scared-still in his little carrier. I reached down a few times to make sure he was alive… and he just seemed annoyed to be moved. Phew. He’s actually doing ok.

Let’s hope he fairs well on the landing!